About Us

It is a quite great honour to Introduce TheCricketFizzwhere we bring all the latest updates about what is happening on the cricket field and outside of it. We are just new to the digital Platform but we want to tell you all that we have got quite good and great support from the audience all over the globe.

Aim of TheCricketFizz

We bring all the updates related to the cricketing field. Our Main Priority is to bring all the small updates related to cricket to all of you.

All we need is for you to provide the same support that you are giving to us and help us in growing the best in the world in terms of providing the cricket news. Join us and get all the recent updated news that is regarding cricket with all genuine Information because we make sure that we publish the right content for the users. As we have a team who collects and verify the data and makes sure that we do not publish any wrong details. Our Main aim is to reach to people globally and serve them with all the latest activities of Cricket.

What do we serve for the Users?

The digital platform provides Information in English. Where you can read the blog from any part of the World. We provide every detail and all the small cricketing event. That explore all the knowledge of the people who have an interest in watching and having deep Knowledge about Cricket.

People will be able to get all the latest Information about the Cricket field. Be it from the IPL, Big Bash, or any Bilateral Series which is going on. We also provide the Best11 for the match which will help you in your fantasy Game.

When was it introduced?

TheCricketFizz, a widely recognized cricket online portal based out in Delhi, was founded in 2022 in the month of April. You can also find us on:-




You can also follow us on the social site, where you will be updated on the social page too.